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VÖ: 10.02.2017
Karisma Records: The thriving Rock and Prog scene around Bergen, Norway, has already seen the emergence of bands like Seven Impale, Tiebreaker, D'accorD and Ossicles, and the newest addition to this burgeoning scene is Shaman Elephant. Over the past few years, the four piece has been drawing bigger and bigger crowds in their home town, and, after releasing the digital EP More" in 2015 they were snapped up by Karisma Records. The band's sound is firmly grounded in the late 60's and early 70's psychedelic and progressive Proto Hard Rock style, but mixed with a modern touch. With a great groove provided by drummer Jard Hole (also in the band Línt) and Ole-Andreas Jensen on bass, they form the backbone for keyboardist Jonas Særsten and guitarist and vocalist Eirik Sejersted Vognstølen. Their debut shows great variation within the more progressive and psychedelic sounds of the past, with songs veering towards drug induced fantasies. They entered the Solslottet Studio in the spring of 2016 with producer Iver Sandøy (producer of Enslaved, Krakow, Seven Impale), and the result is amazing! "Crystals" is a gem for any music fan with their heart in the 70's.

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