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BELL, ERIC: Standing At A Bus Stop LP
VÖ: 27.04.2018
Limited to 200 copies. Signed By Eric Bell / Black vinyl.
'Standing at a Bus Stop' is legendary guitarist, musician and songwriter Eric Bell’s (Thins Lizzy) second album for Of The Edge Productions.
Format: LP | BestellNr.: 25926
Preis: € 21,99


VÖ: 08.12.2017
'Standing at a Bus Stop' is legendary guitarist, musician and songwriter Eric Bell’s second album for Of The Edge Productions. The eagerly anticipated follow up to 2016’s Exile - Eric’s first studio recording for more than ten years

Standing at a Bus Stop gives fans more of what Eric does best - bitter sweet lyrics, gorgeous melodies and fantastic guitar riffs. Featuring nine brand new tracks written by Eric - plus two wonderful covers of Howlin Wolf's ‘Back Door Man’, and Elvis’ Mystery Train - this latest album showcases Bell’s talent for song writing and his desire to keep moving forward with his music. “It would have been very easy to become Thin Lizzy part II,” says Eric, “but I’ve always gone my own way. You shouldn’t be scared to take a chance and experiment. Whatever talent I possess, I want to use it and you can’t do that if you’re always looking to the past.” Once again, Eric draws heavily on his own life for inspiration on this record (and his extraordinary life has certainly pro uced plenty of song writing material!), crafting songs that are highly personal yet completely universal - songs of love and loss, dreams and memories, good times and bad. Some are recent creations, reflecting Eric’s thoughts on the modern world; some were written years ago, forgotten and rediscovered for this album. “You get a free razor blade with every copy!” laughs Eric. “The songs on this album might be a bit melancholic but they’re not miserable. They are honest, they’re about real people and places and capture certain points in my life that meant something and made me who I am. “I was never really considered a songwriter until Exile,” he adds, “so it’s amazing to have the chance to do another record. It feels like a natural progression for me. Like maybe I can write after all.”

Format: CD | Cat-No:25069 | Price: € 16,99  

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